10 Comparisons Between New and Used Homes

Investing in a home does not only mean buying a shelter but a place to live, bring up children and make memories. The toughest decision that potential buyers face is whether to buy a newly built home or a used one. Although the continual mortgage crisis is making properties rather expensive to own, the importance of potential benefits that come with the purchase of a new house should not be overlooked. Here, in Denver, Co. you should be checking out brand new homes or newly remodeled homes instead of old ones for the following reasons:

1. Customization

A majority of buyers have a specific image of what they want their new home to be like. Today, many builders allow that image to be put into reality by letting buyers participate in the process of property designing and specially tailor to their tastes and needs. Buyers can decide, for instance, where their kitchen and bathroom might go. Individuals with a specific layout, pattern or materials in mind for their house will find old homes extremely expensive to remodel as compared to investing in a newly built residence.

Furthermore, purchasers can decide on home accessories like countertops, cabinets, flooring and carpeting according to their personal taste rather than getting stuck with someone else’s.

2. Size

In the 70s, the average size of a property in the US was roughly 1600 square feet. At present day, it is 2600 square feet. This means new structures are more spacious than existing ones. Furthermore, newly built structures often will have larger garages, unlike older structures.

3. Fewer Repairs and Maintenance

Newly structured homes are specially engineered to cut down on maintenance requirement, and it only makes sense as everything is brand new and thus long-lasting. Wear and tear are also minimal hence reducing the need for frequent repairs.

4. More Environmentally Friendly Appliances

With more people shifting towards the ‘Green’ concept, new houses are being built taking into consideration more energy-efficient mechanics which help cut down utility bills. These new homes often include green appliances and systems like high-efficiency refrigerators, stoves, water heaters, air conditioning units, washing machines, and furnaces, that houses built years ago might not.

5. Amenities:

As per the findings of a recent survey, buyers especially look for amenities in a newly constructed home, including an advanced security system, energy efficient appliances, separate laundry room, exterior lighting and garage storage. Owing to their increased popularity, more sellers are incorporating these features in the construction of newly built homes.

6. Advanced Design and Technology

Newly built houses are more modernized and automated in terms of design and technology. Current popular home features include high-performance windows, insulation, new appliances, and furnishings.

7. Safety

Modern security systems, electronic garage doors with safety beams, high-efficiency ACs and furnaces, all make the living environment much easier and comfortable.

8. Community Amenities:

Many new homes are built lavishly, with community resort-style centers, gymnasiums, clubhouses, and pools. Other new home communities also feature protected open spaces, hiking trails, schools and shopping malls nearby.

9. Warranty

Builders often agree to take charge of any repairs costs that may arise in the newly constructed home for a minimum of one year. Other components can be warranted for an extended period of time.

10. The Brand New Feel

Lastly, you need to check out a new home in Denver as compared to an old one since it will be entirely built on your own dreams, not someone else’s. It will be a reflection of your family memories, choices, and creativity.

These are some of the main reasons why it makes more sense to opt for a new home in Denver rather than one which was built several years ago.

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