5 Reasons Your Home Won’t Sell

Your family and friends are a little concerned for you, and to be honest, your neighbors are even more worried. Guess what, your home in Denver, Colorado has been sitting on the market and it has been sitting for a long time. And these guys are starting to wonder if it will ever sell. You are getting anxious too. So, let us revisit the situation and travel to the recent past. Did you and your real estate agent in Denver have a nice heart-to-heart regarding your asking price? Did you consider recent sales in the neighborhood? Or are you guilty of balking at the figure your agent calculated and amped it up?

When it comes to real estate, it is a seller’s paradise, especially in cities like Denver and Colorado Springs, and if you are not getting serious offers, something is seriously wrong. Knowing that a problem exists is the first step in its resolution. There could be a number of reasons why your home won’t sell. We have asked a few real estate companies in Denver what the reasons could be. These are discussed below.

1. Exorbitant Price

Given that you are in a market that is favorable for sellers, it is likely that you have overpriced your home. Whether you like it or not, market factors determine the price your house will fetch, irrespective of your idea about how much the house is really worth. Buyers will compare other homes in the neighborhood and see how yours stacks up, so if you are asking too much, it will not work in your favor.

2. Inappropriate Timing

A majority of people go house hunting in summer, spring and early fall compared to winter. It is simply about convenience. Nobody likes trekking from home to home in freezing temperatures and even if they stumble on a home they like, it is not a good time to move. This is one of the biggest reasons that your home won’t sell which you may have overlooked. Pro Tip: listing your home in January or February can often bring a higher sales price than if you list in December. Even when you factor in a couple extra mortgage payments.

3. Your Home is Hard to Find

Buyers nowadays are searching for potential homes online and this trend will only grow in the future. If your house is not listed in all the right places where buyers are looking, offloading your home may become a nightmare. List your house on the main real estate websites in Denver, like Homefinder and Trulia. A real estate agent in Denver could be useful when you’re listing your home. If you want an offer on your property, give us a call!

4. Lousy Images

In situations where buyers do manage to find your house online, the photos you uploaded (or lack thereof) could be putting them off. Your photos may be of an inferior quality or are not well-lit. Your photos should be able to give your potential buyers a good feeling about the house. Only then, they will consider visiting in person. And that is not possible if you have no photos at all. Also, make sure the photos are of a good quality.

Consider including plenty of shots, from different angles, of the main areas of your house. Never forget to include the photos of the exterior from both the front and the back. Emphasize on what makes your house special.

5. Your Home Needs Work

Your house may have a leaky roof or bad faucets. These things, which seem minor, may be deal breaking for the buyer if your asking price is at the same level as other houses that do not need any fixing. There are two solutions: fix everything you can – no matter how trivial it may seem – before putting your house on the market. If you do this, your buyers will concentrate on the house instead of focusing on calculating the amount they would have to spend on repairs. Your second option is to call Shamrock Homes, we buy houses in any condition. You can take what you need and leave anything you don’t want.

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