5 Tips to Generate Sustainable Passive Income

Passive income is a great way to earn retirement income without doing much work. It is also a great choice if you want to pay off debt or simply want to live a more comfortable life. With passive income, you could live as well in your retirement years as you did during your peak earning years. Passive income is the cash you earn without performing actual labor. You can generate it through investments, such as stocks, bonds, rental properties and other assets and investment vehicles.

Passive Income through Real Estate Investment

One of the easiest ways to generate passive income is to invest in the real estate market. In theory, the process is quite simple. All you have to do is research properties or can hire people to find properties in good condition, preferably in a suitable neighborhood. You also have to pay a reputable contractor and conduct any repairs to ensure the property is in its best possible condition and hire a trusted property management company to handle administrative tasks. They handle documenting, collecting rent, conduction repairs, paying maintenance and sending the money to you.

In most cases, all you have to do is purchase the investment property, let the professionals collect and manage monthly cash, flow checks while tenants build equity.

Tips for Generating Sustainable Passive Income in Real Estate

Here are some tips for generating sustainable passive income through real estate investment:

  • Research the Market: Success in real estate is all about the location. As a real estate investment, you need to opt for neighborhoods that will offer sustainable long-term cash flow and tenants that won’t leave.
  • Research the Property: Most newbies skip the first step and start by researching the property. Later, they are forced to figure out why they cannot sustain rent and keep the tenants they had. Throughout your property search, find the best property that will meet your investment criteria. This may require extra work but will be worth the diligence.
  • Assemble a Team: Once you have found the right market to invest in, contact the best property tradesmen and managers to oversee repairs. You will also need to set up an entity structure including an LLC. Your team should work with you to help you meet the investment criteria.
  • Provide the Team with Instructions: Since you are a passive investor, the team you hire should manage the property from day one and take care of day-to-day activities. Your responsibility is to instruct the team and they will take over.
  • Collecting and Building Passive Income: Build a safety net with 6 months’ worth of earn mark and operating expenses. This can be used to conduct repairs while the rest of the money will build up as continued passive income. Now, it is time for you to establish property to meet your respected goals and objectives.

Another hassle-free way of reducing paperwork is to invest in turn-key properties. These rental properties are already repaired, rented and managed by a property manager. You save time and effort by opting for a turnkey property, as the company will manage the repairs and all the tasks involved in managing the property. However, it is up to you to decide whether the time you save is worth the equity you will give up.


It is imperative you conduct thorough research and inspect the market in order to make the right investment. If you follow these instructions carefully, you will be able to secure a solid return on your investment, without doing much work. Good luck!

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