7 Creative Steps to Selling a House

Now that the real estate market has rebounded, it’s a little bit crowded for both buyers and sellers. Aside from the basic steps to selling a house, it’s important that sellers think outside the box for the best shot at success. Take a look at some forward-thinking steps to selling a house that will hopefully get your property noticed, and sold, quickly:

Use social media.

Make sure that the realtor you choose uses social media in the process of selling your home. You should also ask what real-estate specific networks your realtor uses to share the properties listed with him or her. Don’t just depend on your realtor though. Share your home listing on your own Facebook and Twitter accounts, and ask friends to do the same. You never know who may be in the market for your very home who is already in your social (media) circles.

Tell your neighbors.

Speaking of having people spread the word for you – let your neighbors know that your home is up for sale. They may know someone who has been wanting to buy in your area, or may have a family member they wished lived nearby. Your neighbors can be a powerful resource when it comes to the steps to selling a house, so maximize that avenue.


The simpler your home setup, the better your chance of selling. If the house appears messy or chaotic, a potential buyer’s brain will simply shut down. Aim for clear countertops, desks and dressers when you show your home or have an open house.

Remove the personality.

Take down those pictures on the wall of your family or any hyper-personalized knick-knacks (like sports memorabilia). Take the “model home” approach which is a neutral setting that will appeal to a large group of people.

Use plenty of visuals in the listing.

Before putting in the time to physically come see your home, people will want to know what it looks like. This includes interiors of all rooms, exterior shots, shots of the pool if applicable, and even some neighbor shots too. If a room is on the listing but there are no photos of it, buyers may be wary about coming to see the home. You should also consider adding a video tour of the home to the listing as well.

Think about curb appeal.

Let’s face it – you aren’t just selling your home, you are selling your entire property. Give buyers a good impression as soon as they pull up by keeping the exterior of your home well-kept. This includes trimmed hedges, mowed grass, and a clean/painted exterior of the house itself. A realtor can take a walk outside the home and tell you what still needs to be done before your home is ready to be shown.

Tap the senses.

When you do have a showing or open house, make sure your home is well-lit, smells pleasant and is a comfortable temperature. A buyer whose senses are off-put by any of these items will leave with a bad taste in his or her mouth, figuratively and literally.

Which creative steps to selling a house successfully would you add?

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