How to Sell my House Without a Realtor

When selling a home, the traditional method is hiring a real estate agent, which can be pretty expensive. We have created the “How to Sell my House Without a Realtor” guide. When you sell your house without a Realtor, you can keep more of the profits in your own pocket. Moreover, you will have control over everything during the entire process.

You may be wondering “How to sell my house without a Realtor”

Price Your Property

Before listing a house on any forum, do your homework to price the home right. Research your neighborhood to set a competitive price. Use the internet to find out the selling prices of comparative properties.

Get Listed on the MLS

This is the most comprehensive list encompassing all real estate for sale in the US and is available to all realtors. In some areas, potential buyers can also look for homes via the MLS. Certain services enable you to list your property for a few hundred dollars. The exposure you get is worth the money you spend on it.

Promote Your Property

When you have listed your house on MLS, promote it by putting up ‘for sale’ signs. You can also place an ad on Craigslist, or even create social media presence to promote the property. Some online forums will charge a small amount for advertising your property but it costs a fraction of what you have to pay as agent’s commission.

Open Houses

An open house is one of the best ways to promote your home. Announce the date for the open house and post signs in the neighborhood. Offer refreshments and hand out brochures with pictures of the home to the visitors.

Capitalize on Your Home’s Selling Points

This is extremely important while creating ad copy for listings, websites or brochures. Include basic information, such as the number of rooms and bathrooms as well as the location, size and notable features of the house.

Let Agents Arrange the Showings

When you have prepared your house for open house events and showings by repairing or renovating, the end result has to be a sparkling house. You can also hire a staging service to arrange the house for showings. Remove all personal items or belongings for buyers to establish an immediate connection.

For showings, place a key in a lockbox and stay in touch with buyers or other agents over the phone, if you are not home. If you are utilizing an agent to show your house for you, with a fee that is not based on the commission on the sale price of the house, verify the agent’s identity before you give out your lockbox combination to him.

Negotiate Like an Agent

Real estate agents negotiate by keeping in mind the interests of both parties. Negotiate on terms that can be changed but do not be too flexible. Negotiations later take the form of a contract, which has to be submitted to the seller.

You can hire a real estate attorney (required by most states) to review all documents and contracts. The process is finalized when both parties sign the contract.

Take Care of the Rules and Regulations

It’s imperative you comply with the laws in your state related to selling homes. A few laws are universal and are applicable to your home selling deal irrespective of your location. The Fair Housing Act specifies that sellers cannot discriminate against buyers for factors including sex, religion and race.

Take Help

FSBO sellers have made way for several resources and professionals who charge a small amount as compared to a typical realtor’s commission. FSBO websites and real estate lawyers are just a few, to name.

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