Key Tips to Finding the Best Houses

Even though the Denver real estate market appears to favor sellers, buyers can adopt a few strategies to get the best bang for their buck. The renter-to-homeowner path is what hundreds of young adults hope to follow, and it’s one of the reasons why people, especially millennials, are attracted to a place like Denver. Here are some of the key tips for finding the best houses in Denver, Co:

Choose Less Developed Neighborhoods

Since people tend to avoid lesser-known neighborhoods as they presume they do not have the amenities of trendier Denver neighborhoods, for instance Cherry Creek. Contrary to popular beliefs, these neighborhoods mostly have everything there is to offer for what millennials are looking for.

This means buyers can benefit from the fact that the metro area’s population is growing quickly, making “pocket” neighborhoods like Skyland to become popular places in the coming years. You can find some of the best houses that are sitting undiscovered in Denver, CO.

Get Pre-Approved

This is one of the easiest methods for attracting home sellers in Denver. Real estate agents stress the significance of evaluating how much homebuyers can actually afford after factoring in repairs and property taxes and leaving the rest to be paid by a loan. Once you have all the financial paperwork done, the seller will be more inclined to accept your offer.

Benefit from the Summer Slump

It is only natural for buyers to put off their home search during summer time. However, this is an ideal time to negotiate a house purchase in Denver, CO. July can be slow for people, who are on a vacation, and buyers who may be resting for a while with hopes of continuing the home search in August. For People who continue to shop find less competition and more houses to choose from. This presents a good opportunity to avoid a bidding war as there are fewer people who are looking for a house.

Be Persuasive

Even though it’s a bit old-fashioned, submitting personal requests to buyers for persuading them to accept an offer is just another way to get your desired house in Denver. This is favorable, especially when you know the seller through a reference. Without showing your desperation, you can show your interest in a property and pull some heartstrings to strike the right cord.

Keep an Eye on the Market

At all times, buyers are recommended to keep watching out for properties that fall out of contract. Buyers should act fast as sellers too are in a rush to sell off their houses. They may be more willing to negotiate and close a sale to get a quick transaction. Moreover, agents also suggest that buyers hunting to find the best houses in Denver, CO should look for properties that have been sitting on the market for quite some time.

The Denver Metro Association of Realtors has revealed the average time for residential Denver homes to be available on market was approximately 30 days in May 2016. However, in case a home is available for a longer period of time doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong with it.


As Denver is experiencing a severe shortage of available living options, people are looking for options that can form a bridge for young people between buying a stand-alone home and renting an apartment. Buying a home with some extra space, which can later be used for renting out, is also becoming popular.

Nonetheless, due to its active lifestyle, comfortable vibe, and comparatively affordable cost of living, it’s no surprise that Denver, CO has become one of the most attractive cities for millennials to dwell in.

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