Land for Sale in Denver Colorado

When you’re in the market to buy land for sale in Denver, Colorado there are some things you need to keep in mind. Buying the land seems like the easy part if you’re trying to build your dream house. However, there are a lot of details you should keep in mind.

Before You Buy:

Before you buy a piece of land, you will need to confirm you can build the house you want. The first thing you need to do is order a soils test. In some Denver neighborhoods the “water table” is too high to build a full basement, this means if you dig too deep, the basement will always be under water. This could drastically reduce the size of house you build on that piece of land.

Next, you’ll need to order a survey. A land surveyor verifies the property lines and provides a detailed map. This means the architect knows where to place the house on the piece of land. The surveyor and architect work together to ensure the house fits within the lot lines and setbacks as set by the city.

The Complete Package:

Right in the heart of Denver’s Hilltop neighborhood you’ll find a perfect piece of land ready for someone’s dream home. This piece of land for sale in Denver is the total package. Listed for sale with soils test, updated survey, and approved plans it is permit ready and the buyer could start building within days of closing.

If you’ve tried to get permits approved for a new building in Denver in the last 5 years, you understand there is nothing quick about the process. Often, the permit process takes nearly 4 months from the first submission to permit approval. Add the design period with an architect and it’s easily 6 months of prep work before you can start building. This total package offered with this listing adds tremendous value that can’t be found in all land listings in Denver.

Where this piece of land becomes really valuable, is the partnership of a proven builder and developer offered with the sale. Not only have we put together a full package of soils reports, updated survey, and City of Denver approved plans. We are also offering to manage the project with one of Denver’s top builders, Genre Homes.

The Best Design Features:

Very quickly, I want to share with you the design features of this house. The approved plans are for a traditional style brick house with stucco and precast concrete accents. After extensive research within the Hilltop neighborhood, we found that houses with this style are valued at the highest price per square foot across the neighborhood. Due to the water table under the property, we raised the house 3 feet. This means it sits higher than any other house in the neighborhood. Talk about a “King of the Hill” feeling.

Inside the house, you’ll find a luxurious, open concept featuring a full kitchen and a secondary prep kitchen so you can entertain large crowds of family and friends without feeling like you need to constantly clean up. Don’t worry about the kids making a mess of the entire house either. Send them upstairs to their private recreation room or downstairs to the full basement. Finally, the ultimate relaxation awaits at the end of every day in the master oasis. We reserved an entire side of the house for the master oasis, complete with a massive closet and spa-inspired bathroom.

You can check out the entire listing and view all the plans here

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