Sell Your House 3 Times Faster With Shamrock Homes

Hello, everyone. I’m Brooks O’Hearn, with Shamrock Homes. Thank you for stopping by today. You’re probably stopping by because you heard I buy houses. Hopefully you’re stopping by because you would like to sell your house. If you’re looking to sell your house, enter your information to the right, and I will call you within the next twenty-four hours. If you’re wondering who I am and why I want to buy your house, let me explain.

I’m Brooks O’Hearn and I’m with Shamrock Homes LLC. We are a family-owned business and we help homeowners find solutions to tough situations like bankruptcy, foreclosure and pre-foreclosure, inherited property, divorce, and any number of situations that force you to sell your house quickly.

Let me introduce you to Shamrock Homes’ revolutionary way to sell your house three times faster. Selling your house typically means:

  • One week to interview agents
  • Two to three weeks of touch ups and honey do lists
  • One more week to take photos, list the property, and host open houses

Finally, everything goes as planned in this hot Colorado market, and you accept an offer after the first weekend on the market, but the buyer can’t close for four to six weeks because they need an appraisal, an inspection, and they ask you to make more repairs. Sometimes ten weeks to sell your house is just too long, you need cash and you need it now. Right?

Shamrock Homes can buy your house in a fraction of that time! As soon as you enter your information to the right, I will call you within twenty-four hours. We will have a quick conversation where I get to know more about you, and your situation, and we set up a time to meet at the property. I will tour the property and give you a free consultation where we discuss your options ahead. Within forty-eight hours of that meeting I will present you a cash offer to purchase your house, a repair estimate in case you want to fix up and sell yourself, and a packet of similar properties in the neighborhood so you know exactly what your house is worth.

All of this takes less than one week. After we agree to the terms of the contract, we can close in as little as 14 days!

To recap, you can list your house with a real estate agent, which can easily take ten weeks to sell, you’ll pay six percent of the sales price in commissions, and thousands more in closing costs and fees throughout the listing process. Or you can sell your house directly to our family at Shamrock Homes which can take three weeks and we aren’t real estate agents so you pay no commissions, and we pay all the closing costs, and we never ask you to make any repairs. Thank you for stopping by today, I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your situation, but that all starts with you putting in your information to the right.

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