The Ultimate Guide to Selecting a Real Estate Agent

Buying or selling a property is a big deal. It is an important and highly consequential transaction that has to be taken seriously. Whether you are a buyer or a seller you need to be represented by an experienced and market savvy real estate agent, who is going to work in your best interest. Considering how important a decision it is, it is surprising to see how little thought and. time people give to selecting their real estate agent. It is nice to have a person you are comfortable with. However, you cannot pick an agent solely based on his charm and charisma. It is not advisable to choose the first agent who catches your eye. You need to put some effort in your search. You must ask following questions when selecting a real estate agent in Denver, CO.

Tell Me About Your Experience?

The first and the most obvious question to ask an agent is about his experience. New agents might be eager to prove themselves in the market; however, experience has no substitute. You need to find an agent who has sold at least a couple of properties in your area that are similar to your own.

Do You Know My Area?

If you are looking for a seller’s agent to help you sell your house, it makes sense to ask him how well he knows the property market in your area. Agents who know the area know how to price the property properly; they know the neighborhood and all the factors that can potentially affect the listing price. An agent who has prior experience of selling in your locality is more likely to find you a great deal.

Can We Talk Commission?

You need to talk about the commission. Ask the potential agent the rate of the commission he charges. Maybe a flat fee is something you and the agent will be more comfortable with. It is also important to ask the agent if he would be willing to take a discount or defer you in case the profit margin is very low. It is absolutely crucial to get him to disclose all the necessary details up front.

How Many Listings Do You Have?

You do not want to hire a real estate agent in Denver, CO whose main goal in life is to accumulate as many listings as possible. An agent with very few listings is perceived to be inexperienced or incompetent. There could be some truth to this assumption; however, one with countless listings cannot be expected to give your property deal the attention it deserves.

What is the Right Listing Price?

The right listing price can make or break the deal. Listing your price at less than what it is worth is obviously going to mean less profit for you, however, listing it at too steep a price will discourage any potential buyers. You need to have a frank discussion about the right listing price with your agent. You need to know how long will it expectedly take to sell your house at the agreed upon listing price.

What about Marketing?

Do not shy away from asking him to give you a detailed marketing plan to sell your property. You should know the marketing strategies he will be using to increase your likelihood of finding a good value. The combination of offline and online advertising works best. Professionally taken photographs of the property multiply the chances of success

Do You Have Time?

It is better to get yourself a full-time real estate agent in Denver, CO who is willing to show property anytime during the day as well as on weekends. Selling your house is an important financial prospect for you, you need an agent who shares your concerns and is as serious about selling as you.

These questions will help you select a good real estate agent in Denver, CO.

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